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Limit the number of Records brought in by ADDM's Host XML

Dear Community,

The following is the query FNMPADDMSettings.xml which is referenced by the ADDM API to bring in the Host data : 

hostname AS 'Hostname',
(dns_domain OR domain) AS 'Domain',
os AS 'OS',
os_type AS 'OSType',
os_class AS 'OSClass',
service_pack AS 'ServicePack',
uuid AS 'UUID',
OR nodecount(traverse Host:Detail:Hardware:ProcessorInfo)
) AS 'Processors',
OR ((num_processors > 0 AND cores_per_processor > 0) AND (num_processors * cores_per_processor))
OR ((num_logical_processors > 0 AND threads_per_core > 0) AND (num_logical_processors/threads_per_core))
OR none
) AS 'Cores',
num_logical_processors AS 'LogicalProcessors',
processor_type AS 'ProcessorType',
processor_speed AS 'ProcessorSpeed',
ram AS 'RAM',
vendor AS 'Vendor',
model AS 'Model',
serial AS 'Serial',
hostid AS 'HostID',
partition_id AS 'PartitionID',
lpar_name AS 'LPARName',
lpar_partition_number AS 'LPARNumber',
wparid AS 'WPARID',
npar_partition_number AS 'NPARNumber',
vpar_partition_number AS 'VPARNumber',
ldom_name AS 'LDOMName',
ldom_role AS 'LDOMRole',
zonename AS 'Zonename',
zone_uuid AS 'ZoneUUID',
(zone_pool_name OR none) AS 'ZonePoolName',
formatTime(modified(#), "%FT%T") as 'ModifiedDate',
key AS 'HostKey'


I am doing certain testing in the UAT instance for the Flexera Cloud. I was wondering if there is a way to modify the query to bring in selective server details. Any help in this regard will be much appreciated.




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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

Hello Rohit,

There is no documented out of the box supported method for doing this. However, Flexera offers consulting and professional services that will be able to assist you with modifying the query to bring in selective server details. For more information about our Consulting Services, please try the link below.

Consulting Services