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Numbers of records in report


I have got a custom report where the actual record count is 6 Million but when in UI after loading the report, I can see only  "1,000,000 results returned ". Is there any limitation? I've observed similar behavior in OOB reports like Application installation details


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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

As you have found there is a limit of 1 million records for custom reports. This is also mentioned in the documentation found here in section 4.a.:

There are also some suggestions for working with this limit to get the 6 million records you expected.

Sure I'll check, I can see that our All evidence report can load 1.8 million within a few seconds with the limit set as '1000000'.  So is there any special permission set for that? 

The 1 million record limit that applies to custom reports does not apply to some built in grids, such as the All Evidence grid you are looking at.

This is not controlled by any permissions. The behaviors you are seeing are determined by the implementation of different parts of the system. For example - data shown custom reports gets pre-calculated cached, and so this data is limited to avoid using unacceptably large amounts of cache space. However data for the All Evidence grids is read directly from the underlying data when needed and is not pre-calculated & cached, and so the cache space concern is not a relevant factor.

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