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Last inventory date updated after the server has been decommissioned


Is it possible that the 'Last inventory date' still keep updated after the server was decommissioned?

We have couple servers have been decommissioned over couple weeks but I still see the last inventory date updated daily.




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A few scenarios can cause behaviour like this,

+If this happens on a regular basis (like every day) it sounds like its an additional inventory source updating this, like SCCM for example. That will most likely be on your beacon.

+if its a one-off it may very well be its an NDI that got stuck on a beacon and only just getting uploaded now.

+there is also a possibility that the matching logic is getting confused, this tends to happen if you cloned the original machine for example onto a new VM, FNMS will think its the same machine.

The best way to check these scenarios is to get a return from your compliancecomputer and importedcomputer tables,

provided your not on FNMS cloud... on ComplianceDB, run: (replace mycomputer123 with your own patient)

select * from importedcomputer where computername = 'mycomputer123'
select * from compliancecomputer where computername = 'mycomputer123'

this will help verify both the inventory sources being used, when they last got updated/created and if it may be getting confused on the match.

If you can post your results here {you can anon this if you prefer} I can show you how to determine this, (or log a ticket to support if you prefer to do this in private)

((If your on FNMS Cloud you will need to log a ticket anyway as only support have access to the cloud DB))

Many thanks!