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Level 16 Champion

Inventory Scanner: Windows Apps (Microsoft Store, AppX packages)


The SCCM adapter does collect Microsoft Store apps from Windows systems. They are usually found in Unrecognized Evidences, the DisplayName beginning with "Microsoft."

While these evidences are mostly not used for recognition, I thought it would be interesting to integrate them into my PowerShell inventory agent (Get-AppxPackages). I hoped to find find some inspiration on how the FNMS Inventory Scanner would structure the results in the NDI file, but the packages were not there.

Have I missed something? Is this data optional or is it not collected at all? Should I have tested the full agent instead of the Inventory Scanner?

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Community Manager

The minimal XML content that should appear in an NDI file to be ultimately imported by FlexNet Manager Suite as installer evidence is the following:

<Package Name="Name-of-the-package" Version="Version-of-the-package" Evidence="Your-evidence-type">
    <Property Name="Publisher" Value="Publisher-of-the-package"/>


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