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Installing FlexNet Manager Suite , step Link to Flexera Service Gateway

Hi, I am installing FlexNet Manager Suite. At the step `Link to Flexera service gateway'  on P.79 of the installing guide. I keep getting an Athentication Failed.

Detail message follow:

Login to Flexera Service Gateway...
An exception has occurred. Authentication Failed. Message: Unable to connect to the remote server

In the Flexera Service Gateway Registration Window;

For the 'Flexera Service Gateway host' I tried IP adress and server name.  Port: 9443

User name: When I give the service account, I received an error saying to enter a User name?? Same thing if I write the domain 

Any Ideas what can be wrong?

Thank you

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Hi @JeanRM 

Try this document (page 11)  for the user name and password for Gateway tool


Hope it helps.

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Thank you, I found out there is a licence that needs to be install in order to work and it is completly at the end of the docum ent.