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Hello Experts ,
Please let me know, Is there any way to find out ILAN version of IBM software in FNMS ?
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Level 15 Flexeran
Level 15 Flexeran

@pdhage - Can you please provide some additional information?  I am not familiar with your term of IBM "ILAN Software", and a Google search does not provide any information either.  Perhaps you could provide a URL link about this specific IBM application?

@kclausen ILAN stands for International License Agreement for Non-Warranted
Programs. there are some installations on workstations of IBM WebSphere Application Server, those are purchased under this ILAN program. so is there any check to find out ILAN version in FNMS or whether there are any specific version of IBM WebSphere Application Server which falls under this ILAN program category? Or is there any other way to get ILAN version details, apart from Flexera?

for more information about ILAN refer below link:$file/ilan_en.pdf

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Hi @pdhage 

Can you please expand on your request? is there a specific edition / type of WAS product you are interested in e.g. Liberty or Developer etc?

"ILAN offerings are no-cost, non-supported, and non-warranted versions of the product."

If your request relates to WAS Liberty (ILAN) then there are applications in the FNMS ARL specifically for this - classified in ARL as Freeware.

Not all programs available as ILAN are marked/noted specifically as ILAN in the FNMS ARL e.g. Websphere Application Server for Developers is available as a priced product and also a no-charge ILAN. Websphere Application Server for Developers as applications are in the ARL but no distinction is provided regarding ILAN No-charge offering.

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