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Core based licenses without base machine information

We have certain licenses where licensing is based upon the cores of the underlying base machine.  This is how the licenses have been defined on FNMS.  However, we found that some machines did not have a host associated with them, and hence they were not getting accounted for during the reconciliation.  We looked a little deeper and determined that these VMs were on Azure server, and hence no base machine information was captured.  How do we resolve this situation.  The VMs being on Azure, would not have any base machine information.  At the same time, these are not getting accounted for in our total license counts. 

How do we proceed and ensure licenses are accounted for correctly. 

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Check the details of the license agreement terms and conditions for how license consumption for this particular software should be determined for instances running in Azure. If your license allows the software to be used in Azure then I expect the consumption in that environment will not be based on the total number of cores on the physical hardware the software is running on, as this information is not meaningful for Azure instances.
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