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How to remove or delete inventory from All Inventory

Hi all,

Inventory source from FNMS only , All Old  will delete it from all discovered device and Database also but still device got recreated  and its showing only All inventory tab.


Kindly help us how to get this fixed.

Thank you

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Hi Shubhangishelar

There are some alternatives:

You can delete the device from the 'Discovered Devices' view. As documented in the 'Deleting a Discovered Device' section of the online help, deleting a discovered device will also remove the linked inventory device from the Inventory database. After the next compliance import, the device will be deleted from the 'All Inventories' view in FNMS.

If you are working in an on-prem FNMS environment, you can use a database script like the one published in the 'Inventory Computer and History deletion scripts' article published in the Flexera Knowledge Base for automating the process.