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Mutual TLS support for Beacon to parent connections


Can anyone tell me whether Mutual TLS is supported for Beacon to parent beacon communication?   

My guess is that connections to the ManageSoftRL web application on the parent will work as the beacon and agent share the same uploader.   

I would also expect the same for connections to the ManageSoftDL web application on the parent as I recall that the same underlying code that ndlaunch uses is also used by the beacon to connect to it.   

What I have no idea of is whether the ComplianceUploader, which connects to the inventory-beacons web application on the parent, supports it.

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I personally haven't seen any communication about this being a supported configuration, and hence most likely not tested by Flexera Engineering. However, as you point out it may still work...

I would encourage you to raise this as an idea in the Ideas portal and post its link here and request other forum members to vote on it.