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How to make an inventory of ESXi host when it's Vcenter is Implemented in an Appliance

Hi Team,

A query running out of my mind that after a Vcenter running in a windows is moved into an Virtual Appliance for the better performance of Vcenters, which is completely different platform similar to ESXi, where agent can't be deployed in it and also Esxi Host inventory can't be inventoried. As well Hosts can't be added/linked automatically to the servers therefore raise alerts like Virtual Machine does not have a host.

Is there any way so that I can avoid these alerts?


Kasinath K

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@Kasi23 - You should still be able to connect to the SDK on the main vCenter Server instance, rather than an individual ESX Host SDK.  Connecting to the vCenter Server will capture all Clusters, Hosts and Guest VM Mapping that is managed by that vCenter.

Hi Kclausen,

Thanks for the suggestion but will this discovery can create an Inventory. Because Without inventory will be host mapped to the virtual machines.

Thanks and Regards,

Kasinath K


You would still need the virtual machines to be inventoried, but then yes, they would then get linked to their respective VM hosts.