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WebLogic editions recognition works now perfectly and Flexera has implemented a mechanism to remove the OUI and BEA installer evidence false positives on June 6th 2023. 

Please find some guidance and explanations of WebLogic editions recognitions that has some pre-requisites described in details below. This article gives an historical overview of the enhancements that have been brought to the WebLogic Server edition recognition.

  • The 2021R1 version released in June 2021 became "Middleware verified", which means it can collect middleware evidence for the GLAS file. Note that to collect the data, you need to set in the Discovery and Inventory / inventory settings the Middleware data collection.


  • If you want the data to be in the GLAS file, you need also to mention it in the System Settings / Inventory




  •  Then, later, in 2022R1, GLAS evidences have been used to recognize the editions of WebLogic. The backend process for import and recognition has been modified to allow the recognition. This means the FNMS must be of at least version 2022R1 and the agent of 2021R1 to recognized the editions of WebLogic.
  • Finally, in June 2023,
    • The ARL has been modified last week to add a mechanism to remove OUI & BEA false positives.
    • This change came with another change in the Inventory Import logic to "fabricate" a "I have been scanned by the Oracle Middleware script" (named actually "Oracle FMW Recognition") evidences and application that allow to remove the OUI recognition with precedence rule.

To take advantage of the "remove false positives", you need a 2021R1 or later agent, enable the Oracle Middleware data collection, use the  2747 ARL build, and be in ITAM (or wait for 2023R1 on-premises to get the change in import and recognition).
If you see no editions of WebLogic (which seems to be the case), check

  • That you use the 2021R1+ agent
  • That the data collection is activated for Oracle Middleware
  • That your version of FNMS is 2022R1 or later

If you see editions but see false positives:

  • If you are on premise,
    • Migrate to FNMS 2023R1 that brings a lot (SAM Operations Hub and related reports, Oracle Java Worksheet).
    • You can also ask a to customer Support a hot fix that will allow to implement the backend changes to 

If you are Cloud, it worth investigating further.

  • Check that the "Oracle FMW Recognition" application is recognized and never co-located with a WebLogic Server Unspecified (OUI & BEA) installation.

With all steps above accomplished, you will get the following editions recognized

  • Enterprise
  • Standard
  • Unspecified (FMW): the FMW scan has identified WebLogic Server but is missing information to identify the edition
  • Unspecified (OUI & BEA): Oracle Universal Installer or BEA installer evidence have reported WebLogic Server but no FMW scan has been performed on the server.
  • Basic: this is an edition that is embedded with another product and does not require specific licenses.
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What are GLAS files/evidences?

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