How does FNMS calculate M365 E3 usage data via the default Flexera connector?

Hi Guys, 👋

Does anyone have any insight how FNMS calculates the M365 usage data via the default connector?

The reason for the ask, is that we are looking to carry out a cleanup activity of our E3 licences and would be looking at FNMS to provide the underlying data for this.

When I have checked my usage data, it is showing that I last accessed M365 Monday 22nd. Now potentially I put that down to that typically my device is left on.

However when checking a number of colleagues that carry the full shutdown and start-up activity every day, they are also showing a last accessed M365 as of Monday 22nd.

The M365 connector is run daily.

Any thoughts would be appreciated:)   


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@bmaudlin -  I suggest you look within your Office 365 Admin Portal.  Flexera does not "calculate" usage data, they simply show the usage data that is obtained from the O365 API.

Hi @kclausen 

Apologies probably bad terminology with 'calculate' I am aware that FNMS is only displaying the data retrieved from M365. Obviously in a large organisation such as mine access to Admin M365 is heavily restricted, and simply not going to happen for something like this.

I guess there is no other way to fully understand what is happening?