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Basic FNMS for On Prem 2002 Questions for a Stone Cold Newby

Thanks for the patience and the assist!!

For now, I need to stand up a lab but in the not too distant I'll need to deploy for a couple of customers and so I have a few questions. I have done some reading but the answers are not clear.

Is a Beacon functionally a 'remote agent' and fair to say that you don't need a beacon if an agent is deployed?


I am also trying to assemble architecture ahead of the need and one of the things I have not been able to find are architecture sizing recommendations for different sized environments as well as other architecture guidelines and recommendations.

All thoughts very welcome!



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Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

Hi Pete.

Scaling is covered in the requirements documentation:

The installation documentation has a architecture diagram: (see "Design the Topography")

The Beacon installer does come with the Agent component, so you dont have to* install the Agent on a Beacon. *To be exact, you must not install the Agent on a Beacon, doing so will corrupt the Beacon.

Best regards,


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