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Splunk Enterprise - custom metric GB per Day | To know license consumption

Hello Team,

The license metric is GB per Day. Therefore when Flexera is discovering installations does not show consumption. A supplementary data feed such as console output is likely to be required.

However , wanted to know if there any documentation or solution to calculate license consumption for custom metric of Splunk Publisher.

Any help on this greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Sachin MS

(2) Replies

One idea: as you say, you have to gather the required information (GB per day) via 3rd party sources. Why not collecting these information, consolidate them and then build a business adapter to update the license consumption via this adapter? That would be the way I would prefer. 🙂 For custom metrics you don't have so many options to bring the consumptions into FNMS...

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

As @maxhenselcrayon noted if you need a daily feed of the splunk utilization data then a business adapter that imports the data from an exported spreadsheet or direct API calls is your best bet. If you do not need this data daily then you can work with the Splunk team to get exports at a certain frequency (weekly, monthly, semi-annually) and manually update the consumption in your Custom Metric license.