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Good practice ? device with wrong information (Wrong OS)


I have in my All inventory view a device were we had an agent installed few month ago. 

Today the OS has changed, but it still comes up as Windows instead of Linux.

There was a migration to a Vmware server appliance.

What is the good practice in order to avoid to lose this device. Should we delete this device and will it coming up by himself in All inventory view ? (we added this vcenter in rules)


Thanks for your help. 



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Hi Yasmina,

Which version of FNMS are you using? There has been an issue with older versions where evidence data imported from old inventories have not been deleted from the database if the corresponding software was removed (uninstalled) from the computer.

As a 'best practice', for fixing this kind of problem, you should delete the old data from the Inventory data source. For data collected by the Flexera agent, the Inventory data source is the [FNMSInventory] database that is usually located on the same SQL server as the [FNMSCompliance] database.

There are two alternatives:

  1. If you are working in an on-prem environment and you have access to the SQL Server, you can delete the data for this specific device from the [FNMSInventory].[Computer] table. This will automatically delete all hard- and software data linked to this Inventory.
  2. If you don't have access to the SQL server, you can delete the device from the 'Discovered Devices' (Discovery & Inventory > Discovery > All Discovered Devices) view. This will automatically delete the Inventory source data from the [FNMSInventory] database, too.

Once new accurate Inventory data for the device have been imported and a compliance import has been performed, the correct Operating System should be reported for this device.


Thanks for your answer. I am using FNMS 2021 R1. 

The server became an appliance vcenter server. Where we cannot install agent anymore. But an old agent was installed before (agent version 14). 

I will try to delete this  device and hope that it will come back (we added this device in vcenter rules)