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Failed to import report logs (import cache directory does not exist)

While importing a report log in FMEA 2019 R2 under "Reporting->Report Log Summary", I'm getting this error in the log file:

[Incident# 4322-9520] com.flexnet.remote reporting.server.exceptions.ReportLogSer viceException: Failed to import report l ogs async - import cache directory does not exist

How do I fix that error?

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Hi, did you manage to get this resolved ?

I have just come across the same issue and was hopeful that you might have a solution ?



The most common cause of the issue is that the data folder is not shared between the admin service and the reporting service.

If you are running both services on different machines, please check if the data folder is shared. Please refer to P. 24 and P.41 in the following document:


Thanks for the reply,
I found my issue was with the reporting service on the reporting server was not being run by its service account, once i run the service with its service account all started working.
thanks you for your time