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Inventory Agent Automatic Deployment - Configuration Issue

Hi Felxerans,

I am planning to upgrade to Flexera Agent 2019 (14.0.x) from version 13.0.x.
I have enabled the Usage Agent for the this newer upgrade, any fresh installation will get the usage agent enables from the mgssetup.ini file, also added below mentioned registries as well :
[Usage Agent]
desc0 = UseAddRemove
val0 = True


But when it comes to the automatic Deployment for any existing Device from GUI, I can enable the Usage Agent for the mentioned Target (Allow application usage tracking on these targets), but not sure how to add this additional registry along with the automatic upgrade. Can some suggest for the same.


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Hi Sushant,

Using registry settings for enabling the Usage Agent on each device should not be required.

The local configuration setting in the registry will be overridden by the 'Allow application usage tracking on these targets' setting for a target. You will probably find it easier to manage usage tracking in FNMS using targets compared to managing it locally for each device.

What is not so intuitive with the configuration settings for usage tracking on a target that:

  1. Not specified - basically means 'I don't know'
  2. Allow application usage tracking on these targets - means your device must be matched by at least one target with this configuration for enabling usage tracking on the device.
  3. Do not allow application usage tracking on these targets - this will totally block usage tracking for the device.

To summarize:

  • A device must match to at least one target that allows usage tracking for the usage tracking feature to be enabled.
  • If a device matches one target with a 'Do not allow' setting, usage tracking will be disabled on the device - even if the devices matches one ore more targets where usage tracking would be allowed.