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FNMS report to extract container inventory

Do we have any pre-defined report for extracting container application inventory ?

If not can some one help me with the fields to create a new report for extracting docker & AKS container application inventory using reporting module. 

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@raghuvaran_ram - Go to the Report Builder Wizard and create a new report from the Installation object.  For the Inventory Device, add the Inventory Device Type field to your report.  

To only show the installations of software found within a Container, add a filter to your report view on the Inventory Device Type of "Container Image".  Your view will now only show installs of software applications from a Docker and Kubernetes containers.

@kclausen thanks for your reply.

I did applied the filters as per your post and the report only provided one application for IBM publishers but I'm sure that we have other publishers with commercials are also there in the containers. 

Will it only display IBM or am I doing something wrong, please assist


I suggest you go to your All Containers view and open some Containers and look at the Applications and Evidence tab to see what is being collected.  If you are not seeing what you expect, then I recommend you open a case with Support.