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License Creation

Hi ,

Can somebody please let me know if we have to create licenses for the SAAS PO's which are imported in flexera

what's the ideal way ?  or just importing them is fine? i I have imported them with the purchase type as "Service" is it the correct purchase type? to be used.


Thank you 


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It's not completely clear to me what you're referring to by "...create licenses for the SAAS PO's which are imported in flexera..."

I therefore may be misreading or -interpreting it into being about licenses automatically created from the SaaS mgt. integration, but if that's the use case then there's no requirement for you to create PO's associated with these auto-generated licenses, and the PO attributes (type, etc.) wouldn't have any influence on the processing of these licenses.

Please provide a bit more context if my interpretation is referencing the wrong use use case(s).


By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Sounds like all software purchases are imported to FNMS, including those for SaaS. While there's usually for SaaS no need to track compliance (in the sense of consumption), some customers still do create licenses to increase transparacy in different fields. The license object may

  • represent a monetary value, you want to track
  • be related to some contract renewal activities 
  • represent a part of your software portfolio, therefore is relevant for software lifecycle processes
  • be a link to people resonsible for the app
  • be your starting point for a whole lot of  IT or other processes, like license reclamation, etc.

It really depends on what role FNMS plays in your org and what processes are attached to it.