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Devices is reporting in inventory DB but not in compliance DB



Any one has faced this issue that device is sending healthy inventory to beacon & its getting reported in to inventory DB but not in compliance DB.

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A couple of quick ideas ...

Is it possible that a reconciliation issue has occurred that you're not seeing?

Could this device have been previously ignored so you're just not seeing it where you'd expect to?


Importing the NDI files will import the data into the Inventory DB.  It will not be processed into the Compliance DB until a full compliance import has been performed, which is typically run on a nightly basis.

If you are an FNMS Administrator, you can go to the License Compliance>Reconcile page, click the Include Inventory check box and submit an on-demand compliance import.

Recon has completing successfully as per schedule however device is not reflecting on all inventory tab

Check ImportedComputer and ComplianceComputerConnection to see if the inventory got matched to something else.