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FNMS Inventory agent schedule

During the conversation with Flexera Support, support person mentioned that if "Commence within" is more than 8 hours in the Inventory Setting -> Inventory Agent Schedule, it is possible that agent installed on few physical devices's will not able to report as it may be outside users' working hours and devices can be turned off. Now, in the case of company working on multiple shift and multiple locations, how this value can be set so that we don't miss any inventory from agent. 

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You can activate the "Run last missed event" check box and that might help in your case.

"Setting the check box means that, on start-up of the FlexNet inventory agent (for example, if the adopted computer is powered up or rebooted), it looks back for a trigger specified by its current rules and, if it finds any that have not been run yet, it runs one inventory gathering now. Only one catch up is used, regardless of the count of missed triggers."

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Thanks alexander_frit, I will enabled that option in the setting. But, looks like this is only way currently. We can't specify rules based on location or target devices.

@hsshah28 - When you set a specific Inventory Schedule in FlexNet Manager, that is then interpreted by each installed agent based on the "local time" of the computer that it is installed on as configured in the Operating System.  For example, if you set the Inventory Schedule to start at 8AM:

A laptop computer based in Atlanta will run its inventory at 8AM Eastern time

A laptop computer based in Seattle will run its inventory at 8AM Pacific time

Yes, I understand that. The issue is for specific location only, there are multiple shifts to support 24*7 operations.