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Contract for Licenses with Maintenance

Hi community,

I would like to create a contract for ORACLE which includes licenses AND maintenance.

In the select field I can only select the type "Software licenses" or "Software maintenance and support"

Do I have to create 2 seperate contracts ?


Thanks and stormy greetings from Hamburg


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I expect you probably one a single contract in the real world that you are trying to track here, so it is probably most logical to create a single contract record in FlexNet Manager Suite. The Software License contract type is probably most appropriate to use in this situation.
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Hi ChrisG,

thanks for your feedback.

I created a Software License contract type but I didn't find a possibility to add the information about maintenance, so that I see the information in the list "All licenses" --> Column "Has maintenance = yes".

Do I have to create a seperate contract with the maintenance information and link the licenses also to that contract ?

Best regards


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@UweSieber - The "Has Maintenance" column on the All License view is not based on the Contracts linked to the license.

This is based on the Proof of Purchase records linked to the license.  If any of the Purchase records has the "Maintenance Included" flag turned on where the Expiry Date of the maintenance period is in the future, then the "Has Maintenance" column will have a value of YES.