Exemption in License object will not be considered as "0"

Hi guys,

we do experience some strange behavior on a number of license objects with exempted devices.  To be more specific: We are using a "core points" - license object with more than 400 calculated devices. Due to some special agreements we can exempt more than 200 devices. For 90% of the devices the exemption reason works as intended. After the next reconciliation the calculated consumption is overridden with "0".

For some devices (~ 10%) this does not work and the consumption remains.

What we have done so far:

  • Using a different exemption reason & reconcilate
  • deleting all exemption reasons (reset) & reconfigure exemptions
  • deleting the whole license object & re-creating the license container

I do not see any pattern or specific devices that always fail. It appears to be random or not recognisable for me. Does somebody see similar problems?



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For your Core Points license, what are the defined Use Rights for a virtual machine?  If the rule is to use the Cores from the physical host, then even if you exempt a virtual machine, there will still be consumption against the VM Host.

In this scenario, you would want to exempt the VMs and the Host.

Agree with @kclausen 

Perhaps you can provide a screen print showing  the issue (redacted of course)

Please include teh license identification tab and the consumption tab showing success and failure in your view.



Here are the requested information & questions. Screenshots will be provided next week

  • the license is configured with "no virtualization righs", since the Host does not play any role in this setting. The calculation is based on the VM's cores.
  • for 80% of all VMs this works absolutely fine, but for some it does not. This alone is very difficult to explain 

Hello. We are experiencing a similar issue with attempting to exempt a physical server from a license. We tried both a standard exemption reason and creating a custom exemption reason. After reconciliation, neither had worked. We also attempted to override the consumption, and that didn't work either, after reconciliation.

Based on the reply-chain, I am unsure whether christian_ludwig found a solution to his problem. Virtualization rights do not apply for my license in question, since license is calculated on the 'bare-metal' physical-host configuration.

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thank you for your feedback. Until this day, we still have some machines that do not work. So, no solution from my side 😕

Thank you, Christian

I believe at this step we will next likely open a support case.