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Error importing log files

I am trying to manually import log files but I receive an error

Unknown error when importing the report configuration. Unknown Error, please see details in FlexNet Manager log (Error: ).

I check the log file and saw the error 

2022-09-22T08:39:19,717 ERROR [reporting .actions] [default task-2] An error occu red while reading the report configurati on file Failed to import report configur ation:[Incident# 3595-686] com.flexnet.r emotereporting.exceptions.FLEXnetReporti ngInvalidArgError: Invalid argument

I have stopped and restarted the Flexnet service on the Reporting and Application server but it has not resolved the issue.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Level 5 Flexeran

Hi kdoyle,

Can you please provide the command line you are using to upload the report log files.



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I am using the Import button on the GUI 

Reporting  -> Report Log Summary  ->   Import Report Log

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What's the size of the file(s)? Do you have access to the Admin server and attempted to import from there?


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When I do  bulk import I see the application states Importing 6 log files. When I go back to the GUI on 2 log files have been imported.  I was previously able to successfully import all 6 logs (individually and bulk)

The size of the files imported are 792KB and 455KB.  

The size of the files not imported are 8189KB, 1376KB,  733KB and 10692 KB

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