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IBM Infosphere products greater than

Flexnet ARL file evidence has markers for IBM Infosphere products with 11.7.% and we are getting inventory for devices running infosphere products v11.7.0.x, not getting or identifying any evidence above v11.7.1.x.  We know the products are installed per the version.XMLs.

Is there a known issue with these higher versions of IBM Infosphere?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm not aware of any issues with particular InfoSphere versions like this. While it's slightly unusual that there would be material changes in minor versions of a product in what evidence can be gathered, it is certainly possible.

If you haven't done so already, a place to look to understand what raw evidence has been gathered from a particular computer is on the "Installer" and "File" pages of the "Evidence" tab shown when viewing an inventory device record that you know has InfoSphere 11.7.1.x installed. Check for any evidence data there that looks to be related to InfoSphere, and whether that evidence has been matched by recognition rules in the ARL.

Also be aware of the following ideas which may be relevant (and please vote on them if they sound like they would be helpful for you):

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