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System center components and consumption in flexera

Hi team,

We have System center Datacenter and Standard licenses(2 pack core licenses) part of our contract and I want to know the consumption details for both of these licenses, created these in FNMS using SKU. Under "Use Rights and Rules", I can see 'System Center' and 'EndPoint Configuration Manager Client' under both the editions. I have couple of questions related to this:

1) Part of System center, we have 6 different components, out of which only Endpoint Configuration is listed here. Do I need to add the remaining components manually, ideally FNMS should list all these 6 components.

2)After creating this SKU, the consumption is showing only under Datacenter edition and standard edition consumption is showing zero. When I check the Flexera MS licensing guide, it is listed as " the consumption of System Center licenses is in direct alignment with that of Windows server due to products sharing the same license type and editions and typically being bought together" we have windows server standard licenses reporting correctly where system center is installed on standard servers, which means standard is also consuming under datacenter license for system center. Can anyone help is there any settings to be changed to get the consumption of System Center standard.

Thank you...

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It may be easier for the forum members to provide guidance if you shared a bit more details, e.g. exactly which SKU's, how is license prioritization configured between the various System Center Datacenter/Standard licenses and the Windows Server Datacenter/Standard licenses, etc. If you're going to share screen shots, please make sure to erase any company confidential information potentially visible in these beforehand.



The SKU for System center Datacenter is 9EP-00037 and for System Center Standard is 9EN-00494. Sorry didn't get what is meant by prioritization, the System Center is installed on some servers with windows server OS(standard and datacenter). 

Thank you


I'm sorry, but I think I misinterpreted your original explanation there...

I just quickly created a couple of licenses based on above SKU's and I see both include coverage of the same applications:


You can add the extra components (applications) to these, or if you believe that this is a shortage in the Flexera product use rights content associated with these SKU's you can ask Flexera's content team to adjust the product use rights by contacting Flexera Support.

If you click on either of these applications (governed by the license) you can control (drag-n-drop) which license should be prioritized to pick up consumption before the other (but this may not be relevant to your original questions as per my misunderstandings):