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Connecting FNMEA to FNMP



Can anyone point me to getting this working in the Flexera documentation? The online help mentions seeing  an Engineering Apps agent page in the Data Collection group on the beacon. The beacon as installed on my FNMS server has no such connection type. 

Am I maybe missing something in my license file? 


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Several years/releases ago it was planned to allow beacons to collect rotated report logs from FNMEA agents.  The intention was that the beacons would submit the report logs up the chain and they ultimately be available for processing within the Flexera cloud of products.   This implementation effort was planned to co-incide with a cloud based release of FNMEA which could collect the submitted report logs and have highly performant usage reports (turbi charged versions of what is available in FNMEA today).      

An initial phase of this grand plan was what you are referring to and for a while there was UI elements in the product that supported this, however the overall plan was never completed and is currently not being pursued.  Some of the UI elements have now been backed out but there are still some references in docs/help etc.

For reference, the FNMEA/FNMS integration that *does* exist is where FNMEA ‘pushes’ product/licensing data from FNMEA into FNMS.  The result is that licenses are automatically created (as Concurrent user licenses) and kept up to date with details such as the Purchased Count (taken from contracts and entitlements entered into FNMEA), Consumption count (taken from the Available licenses pooled across license servers) and Usage (taken from recent ‘peak’ usage levels of associated products).   This integration is via web services directly from the FNMEA admin server to the FNMS admin server  (so no beacons are involved).

Hope that helps.


Do you have any documentation regarding connecting the two products via web services? 

The online help being incorrect is incorrect. In addition, I cannot find any information in the offline documentation regarding this process.



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Does the integration help with analyzing the concurrent license usage data from FNMS? Will a user be able to create usage reports from FNMS UI similar to the Classic/Cognos reports that exists in FNM-EA?
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@devi_g - The integration is a 1-way feed of summary data from FNMEA into FNMS.  The data is added to the "All Licenses" view.  For example, you would see a new license created in FNMS for "AutoCAD" with a license metric of "Concurrent User", and the fact that you own 50 licenses and the 'peak' consumption from FNMEA shows that you are consuming 38 of them.

All of the detailed usage activity remains within FNMEA.

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Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Page 322 of the FNMEA User Guide details the area in FNMEA where the connection to FNMP is configured: