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Bulk assign users to inventory for MacBooks

Hi All,

We have 300+ MacBooks which are inventoried with the FNMS inventory agent. The agent doesn't pull in any user information.

Is there a way of assigning users to these devices in bulk?

at the moment the only method I have found is manually doing one device at a time.


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Yes.  Put together a spreadsheet of the device names and the user name that should be associated with each of these Mac devices.  The supplied user name values should match to existing Users in FlexNet, based on Full Name or Account Name.

You can then write a Business Adapter to read the spreadsheet, and assign the given Users to each Device.

Dear Kirk,

when this would be done in the way you've proposed, does FlexNet Manager Suite then show software usage metering data for all of those MAC devices and MAC users?

Thanks & best regards


@oqueck  - I don't have enough experience with our Mac Agent to give you a definitive answer.  I do know that like the Windows platform, by default the Usage Agent is NOT installed on Mac OS X.  You need to create a Target/Rule to push it out to the OS X computers.

Hi Everyone,

Just to let everyone know, FlexNet inventory agent version 2020 R2 and later does collect logged-in user and domain information part of inventory data collection. for details please see the inventory agent changelog.


Hi @AamerSharif 

Yes, the functionality to get user for MAC exist in 2020R2, however it also exist a bug that may lead to that this is not working.

I found out when I asked in another thread if I needed to activate it somehow when I didn't got it to work in our 2020R2 environment.