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Azure duplicated inventory


We have an on prem implementation with servers in Azure, the problem is that this servers from time to time, on a monthly bases are destroyed and recreated, when they are 1st installed with powershell script the agent is deployed. The problem is that with every new deploy the serial number is changed, ending up with duplicate inventory, the old one aging out.

We are looking for some kind of automatic clean up of this duplicate inventory. We connected to Azure Resourse manager and we receive from there information. 

Did anybody encounter this issue?

Thank you for your support and I wish you all a nice day.


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Adrian,

After the VMs are deleted, do they still show up in your Azure Resource Manager marked as deleted? If not, would you say that the Azure Resource Manager has a complete list of all relevant machines? Also, can you clearly distinguish between Azure VMs and non-Azure VMs, e.g. by name or serial number format? If yes, maybe you can identify the delta between all your Azure VMs and the Resource Manager and then remove those inventories from your Inventory database.

Best regards,


@adrian_ritz1 - Have you looked into using the FlexNet Azure connection on the Beacon?  This brings in a list of your current Azure instances.  During Reconciliation, FlexNet attempts to match Azure instances to an Inventory Device.  If you are using the FlexNet Agent for inventory within Azure, this is automatic.

Once a link is made between an Azure instance and an Inventory Device, then each time updated Azure Inventory is received, if the status of an Azure Instance is changed to "Terminated", or the instance no longer exists in Azure (it was deleted), then the matched Inventory Device within FlexNet is deleted.

Hi @kclausen ,

We made the connection to Azure RM from the beacon, also we installed agent on Azure VM, but we still see duplicates, where can we check if indeed the inventory is linked with the Azure information.

Thank you for your support

@adrian_ritz1 - Within the UI, go to Discovery and Inventory->Virtual Devices->Cloud Service Provider Inventory

Make sure that you have the Inventory Device column in your view.  When FlexNet has matched an Azure instance to an Inventory Device, this column will be populated with a Computer Name.  You can click on the Computer Name to see the details.

If you have FNMS On-Premises, you can also see the linkage within the Database.  Use the CloudServiceInstance view.  This table is a list of all the Cloud Instances imported from your Azure connection.  There is a ComplianceComputerID column in this table that represents when a Cloud Instance has been matched against an Inventory device.