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Azure Adapter Empty Device Name After Reconciliation


We're able to fetch the data from Azure using Azure Adapter from FlexNet beacon and able to view the data in the Cloud inventory report but 90% of the records don't have the Device name
I know that the reconciliation matches the data based on received from the Discovery tool(we're using the HPE UD tool for the same) and updates the device name.  
My question is on what parameters does the reconciliation match Azure data records with Inventory data?

The reason I'm asking this question is, as per the Azure connector, it doesn't fetch the Device name. So I'm not sure how it identifies the device name, I thought it was UUID but in Azure connector, I don't see any information about it. I've also read following doc, but couldn't get much information about my quesiton.*9xypiw*_gcl_au*MTI2Mzk4Mjg4OS4xNjg0Mzg3ODE0#topics/Vir-CSPInventory.html

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I'm not entirely confident of the answer for this question, but I suspect that using the FlexNet inventory agent to gather inventory may be required to match up the computer inventory (which includes the hostname) with the Azure inventory (which does not include the hostname). I'm not sure that there will be enough data that can be imported from HPE UD to do this matching.

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Please refer to the Data Integration section at the bottom of Collecting Inventory from Instances that outlines that matching of the incoming data with existing inventory device records uses the standard device matching rules, with the Cloud service provider and Instance ID checked as last priority.

Does HP UD provide these two attributes for the Azure instances?


Hi @JohnSorensenDK , Yes for some of the devices we're getting Instance ID and Cloud service provider from HP UD. maybe that is the reason i can see some records have Device name in Cloud Inventory report