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Inventory sending over internet

Hello Community,

As more and more customers are moving away from the on premise infrastructure to SaaS solutions and on cloud, more request are how to send .ndi files over internet with no VPN connection.

Till now I thinking of:

mTLS solution, this works in case when the end user device have a computer certificate trusted by some internal PKI with a beacon server internet facing.

But what about the computers that don't have a certificate, I have a customer that don't have certificate and he is using some Azure certificates. Can we use Azure Share to upload the .ndi file?

I can use FlexeraScaner.exe to generate and copy the inventory file to an Azure Share, but how secure is this transfer?

Did some one experimented this way of working?


(2) Replies

What about a "simple" approach ...

Create a batch file that runs the scanner and then using SFTP uploads the .ndi file to some file store.  You'd have to push this batch file to all of your machines.

On a beacon, run a scheduled task that logs into the SFTP site and gets all files in the file store (or just all .ndi files) and places them in C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Incoming\Inventories on the beacon

The beacon checks this folder every minute and uploads the .ndi files to your FNMS instance (on-prem or Cloud).


Ok, thank you, I will take it into consideration.