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Automatic Agent Deployment Configuration Changes

When performing targeted FlexNet inventory agent upgrades, we need to make the configuration settings changes required to stop checking for the server certificate and the certificate revocation. Where do we include those registry values when using the targeted upgrade method? Is there a configuration file stored on the Application server?

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You can check in your mgssetup.ini file.

desc0 = MGSSetupIniApplied
val0 = True
desc1 = NetworkSense
val1 = False
desc2 = CheckServerCertificate
val2 = False
desc3 = CheckCertificateRevocation
val3 = False

Just in case: These settings are documented in the Gathering FlexNet Inventory documentation.


I have a question, what do this setting do:

desc0 = MGSSetupIniApplied
val0 = True

Because is not in documentation, also I think if you deploy a custom package, this setting generate obscure errors, some times.

Also this make no sense as in the ini file you have INSTALLMACHINEPOLICY =1


@adrian_ritz1 - the MGSSetupIniApplied setting that @durgeshsingh mentioned is not related to the topic of this current thread.

If you're curious though, this setting related to the agent installation approach discussed here: Flexera Agent Deployment to Windows systems with multiple bootstrap beacons and retry schedule. The setting is used by the MSI transform discussed there to safeguard against installs being done without settings from the mgssetup.ini file being applied. If you're not using that transform (which is the normal case), this setting in the mgssetup.ini file is irrelevant (it won't hurt, but it won't do anything useful either).

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Hi @ChrisG ,

Thank you for your answer, some times we are using the package with the transformation, in case of complex environment with multiple beacon server and when we deploy the ports are closed or we have issues with certificate, I found very versatile the transformation package, but with setting activate I found a strange behavior. We deploy the agent successfully the agent is generating the inventory and then we receive an strange error like OUI is not found, and after that all the upload and download settings from registry are gone. I was thinking that because of this settings MGSSetupIniApplied, he check the Mgssetup.ini file and as we use a customization, the ini file don't contain any beacon server, and he apply the ini and delete all the key in registry.

Pardon my ignorance as I haven't done much FNMS work in a long time, but where would I keep the mgssetup.ini with these configuration settings for the agents to utilize when performing the targeted upgrades? Somewhere on the application server I'm guessing?