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Adding Flexnet Manager license consumption to Flexnet Manager itself

We are looking to add "Flexnet into Flexnet". 

Instead of having to look at the "Your FlexNet Manager Suite License", we would like to add our Flexet Manager Suite license compliance position with the Purchased amount together with the 2 metrics "active devices" and "active Servers" into Flexnet itself.  and automatically updated. 

Looks like the metrics value can be grabbed from the database with:

active devices:   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ComplianceComputerActiveForLicenseReconcile

active Servers:   SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ComplianceServersActiveList

Has anyone done this before? 

Cheers, Sjoerd

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Hello @sdeboer 

As on premise customer you do have the capability querying FNMS DB. I believe the following KB has the better explanation of FNMS consumption logic.  The KB a few SQL queries for your use as well.

Hope it helps.



Hi Kev (Big)

Thanx for the info and the link. We are also on-prem and have full access to he DBs. Counting of the active devices looks less complex then stated in the KB you mentioned.

We ran SQL Profiler when refreshing the License page,  the 2 "Counts" flew by.

These two Stored Procedures to be exact:

exec dbo.ServerGetActiveCount @ResultCount=@p1 output


exec dbo.ComputerGetActiveCount @ResultCount=@p1 output





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Hi Sjoerd,

I have done this for a customer some years ago, using just a simple business import, grabbing the consumption from these views.

Unfortunately there is no way to get the "purchased" side from the DB. On the other hand, if you process a purchase the "normal" way, you don't need that.

Best regards,


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Hi Markward,

Agree, the "purchased" total Device and Server licensed number are fixed.  

I'll have a look at building  a business import script to grab and import the two Values. will get back to you.

greetz, Sjoerd


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One more thing: I did implement this using "Custom Metric" licenses, but I could also see a "Node Locked" license working. Then you  could not only report on entitlements used but name specific consuming devices.

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For reference, the following thread also discusses getting information about FlexNet Manager Suite licenses: Get FlexNet Manager license count.

(With that said, this other thread doesn't add a whole lot to what is already discussed in this thread.)

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