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Oracle Core Factor Table Question

Hi all, I'm looking at processor count which oracle database server is needing on FNMS Web UI.

I'm navigating oracle server worksheet page and there is a specific server which have Itanium 2 9100 series purchased before Dec. 1st, 2010.

1 physical with 2 physical core but OSW shows this server need 2 processor licenses rather than 1 processor license. as far as I know, oracle core factor for this CPU must be 0.5 then the number of license in use must be 1.0 rather than 2.0.

anyone who can advise me?



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I know that this thread was handled through a support case. However, for completeness and in case it helps others here's a summary of the response.

Please refer to page 22 - 23 of the Oracle Practice Guide that describes how FNMS calculates the Oracle core factor for Itanium processors.


I have noted a similar issue with the Oracle core-processor factor apparently being incorrectly applied in our system. In our case it directly impacts Sparc64-VII+ and Sparc-T5 processors, both of which should have an Oracle CPF of 0.5. However, FlexNet appears to applying a flat CPF of 1.

Please see the attached screen image from the Flexera Oracle Processor table highlighting your exact scenario.  In order for FNMS/ITAM to apply the correct Point Factor, it needs to know the Purchase Date of your server.  If you do not record the hardware purchase date, then FNMS/ITAM will default to the Point Factor of 1.0:

  1. Create a Hardware Asset for the server
  2. Create a Hardware Purchase for the Hardware Asset and link the purchase to the asset
  3. Set the PO Date and the Invoice Date of the hardware purchase to a date earlier than November 30, 2010