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AWS instance not showing in All Inventory view until overnight reconciliation

Hi guys, 
First let me describe what I do:
1. Create AWS instance. 
2. Log in and install the agent. 
3. Policy gets applied, the instance gets inventoried and inventory uploaded without any issues. 
4. I go to the webUI and run full reconciliation with inventory import. 
5. After the reconciliation completed, the instance is showing in Cloud Service Provider Inventory. 
6. From this view I can click on Device name and check the Inventory Device Properties.
7. I check the Inventory DB, and FNMSCompliance.ComplianceComputer table. The device is there.  
8. I go to All Inventory view but the device is not showing there. 
9. Only when I check All Inventory on the next day, the device is showing on that view. 

Question: Why? 


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Paweł,

This sounds like it might be a sync issue. I've seen this with mass-updating Assets through Business Imports that were clearly in the database, but not in the WebUI.

Maybe check out some of the Stored Procedures containing "sync" in their names. I found these helpful in the past.

Best regards,