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A license created through SKU: but the application showing under Unlicensed Installations

I have created a license through SKU and application recognized properly under the license application tab. but that application showing in Unlicensed installations. Is that a Flexera bug?

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Community Manager

One possible reason that comes to mind for an installation to be reported as unlicensed is that there may be something about the license configuration which means it doesn't cover the particular installation. Some examples might be:

  • If the license has a type of "Node Locked" or "Named User" then the inventory device or appropriate user would need to be explicitly allocated to the license before the license will cover the installation.
  • If the license is configured so that it doesn't cover installations on cloud services, but the computer is running in a cloud service then the license won't cover the installation on that computer.

I'm sure there are many other examples and valid reasons why an installation of an application may not be covered by a particular license for that application, but hopefully this gives a sense of the sorts of things to be thinking about.

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Your post is useful for many cases, but my question is that I have created a device-based license and the application mapped with that license and it's giving correct consumption. then why that application is reflecting on under the unlicensed installation category.


Please could you upload some screen shots as I think that would help community members assist you? (Please make sure to hide company specific information in the screen shots that shouldn't be shared publicly though...)


hi @pkumar87 ,

There might be a chance that a reconciliation is not done after the changes were made i'm assuming in your case. Might need more detailed information for which application and publisher this is happening so that other members can check and suggest.