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IBM Fix Packs (CSD) installations recognised as applications

We are finding that the installation of IBM Fix Packs is leaving .swidtag file evidence that is interpreted installation of applications. Typically this is fine as the application already exists - however if the fix pack is installed when the application is not installed, the recognition is inaccurate. 

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this, and if so, the mitigation strategy. The default fix pack location path is 

C:\Program Files\IBM\source\

Possibilities include:

  • Forcing removal of these fix packs once applied
  • Exclude scanning of 'C:\Program Files\IBM\source\'


(4) Replies
By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Well, isn't the original issue then that the fix pack swidtag is recognized as the base application and the ARL needs to be updated?

This is the trick as the tag file is the same as the one used when installing the application(s). The only difference is the directory path. I don't see how this can be fixed in the ARL when file path attribute is not available for file evidence rules on Windows based OS.

What I don't follow is how the fixpack gets installed when the application itself isn't there! How does a fixpack get installed if the application being "fixed" doesn't exist?


I am keen to follow this up too.