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App Portal 2016 with SCCM delivery: failures and timers

Using App Portal 2016 with SCCM delivering the applications, we are struggling with trying to minimize the failure rate. One of the things that we noticed is that, by default, App Portal removes the target from the collection when it's marked failed....

sara_b by Level 4
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Solved App Portal Web Service Technical Explanation

Is there any technical documentation that explains what the AppPortalWebService actually does? We have a customer with a secure environment that needs changes well documented and would like to provide evidence to them as to what this component actual...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved SCCM Load Increase After Implementing AppPortal

Are there any metrics of expected server load on the SCCM Primary site after connecting it with AppPortal?I haven't found any SCCM server minimum requirements for App Portal integration.We have a customer asking if there will be any need to modify ha...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved App Portal Web Service Minimum IIS Roles

We have a customer that does not have IIS installed on their Primary Site server. They are working on installing the App Portal Web Service and would like to know what the minimum IIS roles are that are required.

dcopher by Level 6
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AppPortal - Users are able to see all requests

Have you had any reports of users being able to see all requests in the AppPortal, even though they don't have the access? We had a user yesterday, that was able to see everyone's AppPortal request even though they didnt have access. This seems to ma...