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Will AppPortal keep someone from selecting an application for Migration during OSD if it has an approval? 
-we do have it enabled for Application Migration during the Checkout Process

I know this is a long shot, but has anyone migrated Unique Keyed applications during an OSD Upgrade? Did your software recognize it was activated? or did you have to reactivate?

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
App Portal will not prevent somebody from selecting an application for migration if it requires approval, during an OSD checkout. The approval process is essentially skipped.. Based on the items selected, variables are set on the target device which tell the task sequence what software to install.

The clone/migrate functionality under support tools will honor the approval process of the target catalog items, provided that you have "require approval for clone/migrate" selected. If the item does require approval, then it should go into a "pending approval" state as a "normal" checkout would.. Clone/Migrate is different than the Application migration page shown during checkout of a catalog item, as it actually submits a new request for each item which is chosen.. As such, the approval process can be honored.

I can't say as I've wokred with "unique keyed applications", but it is my assumption that you would have to reactivate your software after it was migrated.. I'd guess that the original activation was tied to the original device in some way.


I can't really say that I have experience with this, but I would expect that if you are doing a Windows "upgrade", your applications should remain and be fully activated/functional.  However, if you are doing an in-place wipe/load or a side-by-side migration, I would not expect a unique keyed application to remain activated.  In fact, depending on licensing terms, it may even require a completely new key.

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