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Inventory for consumables?

Can you use App Portal for inventory of consumables such as printer toner? if would you manage inventory?

Pending Deployment

I am configuring a new appportal and when I look at the status on the My Request page the status just says Pending Deployment. the software does go ahead and deploys to the workstation but the status never updates. anyone have any ideas.

PHP flexera API calls through a web portal

Hi All,We have a requirement where we need to connect to the flexera for the licensing, but before that we need to create flexera end users who could log in through the end user portal to view their subscriptions and the license related to their subs...

Email Log Housekeeping

Is there a way to tidy up the email logs kept in App Portal 2015?I want to be able to remove all but, say, the last month of email logs. But I would prefer to do this programmatically. Thanks

vsmith1 by Level 3
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Application Name in App Portal

What field(s) does App Portal query off of to create the name in App Portal? The name field on the App Portal tab from within AdminStudio is not editable.

APP-V Standalone

Does APP Portal support distributing APP-V applications that are hosted from a standalone APP-V instance and not through SCCM?

App Portal offline page

Hi,Are we able to edit App Portal's offline webpage and inserting custom text and images? And can it be done through the Admin area rather than server side?Basically I need to place the App Portal offline for few hours and would like to advise our en...

App Portal nominating approver

Hi,Does anyone know if there is a way to set a manual process to nominate the approver during the checkout process in App Portal?I know its counter-productive but the organisation I'm getting this set up is having issues with it's AD so one option is...