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side by side migration task sequence

Hi Everyone,I have a need to do a side by side migration and need some details about how the task sequence should look. currently I have everything in one task sequence and it is trying to image the source computer. I want to capture the user state a...

Constant Reminder Emails

Is there a way to suspend constant reminder emails to unknown addresses?There have been some changes, and old requests pending approval in AppPortal, the users are no longer with the company. They no longer have active email addresses.  AppPortal is ...

Solved Config Manager Required Roles

A customer is setting up the required permissions for App Portal to deploy applications and packages in SCCM and for the SCCM Console permissions it looks like the required roles are Full Admin or Administrator and OS Deployment Manager. The customer...

App Broker REST API approvals not working

We are using a slightly older version of 2017 R2.Using the provided documentation and postman we have successfully gotten Pending requests, Switching Approvers, etc to work.But for whatever reason when we try to run an approval, it responds with: "Fa...

Solved Reharvesting - Collection Exclusions Not Saving

When testing license reharvesting in App Broker we need to set up exclusion conditions to avoid reharvesting applications from specific machines. The best way to do this in this dev environment is to only include machines in a specific collection. Wh...

Connect to Tibco Web Service for ITSM Integration?

We are trying to connect to Tibco WSDL rather than Remedy WSDL.  We are unable to get it to work.  It requires a username and password and the Tibco administrator said there isn't one.  We tried "Integrated", and "Provided Credentials" with no userna...

Solved Reporting - All Enabled titles including extras

Is there a way to pull a report of All Enabled titles, their long and short descriptions, meta tags and pricing information? Obviously there's not a canned report that does this. Do you know what tables/sources would be needed for this? 

sara_b by Level 4
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Solved Redirect to a specific category in App Portal

We are trying to redirect users to a specific category in app portal, however, the redirect only works if the user logged into App Portal earlier in the day and the browser was left open, even if they moved to a different site.If the user did not log...