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Solved License Reclamation from My Apps tab

We currently have our deployments set to not remove from the install collection for some reporting that we're working on. We don't currently have reclamation set up, but we are starting. When using reclamation from the My Apps tab, will the reclamati...

sara_b by Level 4
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Solved License Reclamation for Designated devices

To designate specific devices or group of devices for a License Reclamation, has this been setup to be able to select from with in App Portal or is it still need to be done with the setup of the Include/Exclude view?

PBolles by Level 6
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Application errors in App Portal

Has anyone seen the attached errors in App Portal.  Just started to notice these yesterday with really nothing have being changed.

Solved Dashboard

I know in 2019 there is an option to make the Browse Catalog tab the landing page rather than the Dashboard.  Is there a possible way to do this in 2018?

Solved App Portal User Discovery (SCCM)

We are currently working with a customer on an App Portal implementation. We are configuring App Portal to discover User and Computer information. The computer information is coming across without any issue. The user info appears to require additiona...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved Approving a large number of items times out

Approvers are seeing an issue where they approve a large amount of request at a time (10) and they get an error back on the approval screen.  I impersonated a user and was able to reproduce it.  In the website.log there are 4 lines of error related t...

Solved ESDWebService Issues

We are trying to connect App Portal to SCCM and keep getting an error that states "SCCM settings are not valid as App Portal could not communicate with its Web Service" when trying to test the connection.I've checked these parameters and they appear ...

dcopher by Level 6
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OSD Questions

Will AppPortal keep someone from selecting an application for Migration during OSD if it has an approval? -we do have it enabled for Application Migration during the Checkout ProcessI know this is a long shot, but has anyone migrated Unique Keyed app...

Solved App Portal / Broker and SCCM Deployments

How does App Broker initiates the Machine Policy update when an install is requested. It appears we have an issue on a very large install from a network drive is not kicking the script off to do the install at the policy update step and SCCM is not g...

PBolles by Level 6
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