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Solved Upgrade App Broker without ServiceNow connection in Dev

Beginning the upgrade process from 2018R1 to 2019R1 in dev, we had to reconnect ServiceNow to App Broker because it had been disconnected in that environment months ago. The customer would like to test the ServiceNow connection by executing and end-t...

Solved Is a Catalog Item required for Reharvesting?

Can license reharvesting be performed for an application that doesn't have a Catalog Item? We are looking at using the reharvesting process for targeting unauthorized software and are concerned about applications that weren't installed by App Portal ...

Solved Product and Licensing Center Issues?

We are not able to access the Product and Licensing Center. We receive the attached message when using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on a few different machines and two different accounts 

ESD Service Won't Restart

After running into a problem with targeting devices for reclamation, Flexera support recommended replacing some App Broker files in the install directory with an updated version of the files provided by support. I followed these instructions and rena...

Solved App Portal / FIPS

We're having an issue with an AppPortal implementation. After installing AppPortal, we cannot get it to run while FIPS is enabled. I've found this article and have interpreted it as FIPS and App Portal do not function together. Is this correct? Is th...

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Solved App Portal / Broker Approval API

I know there is an API available to approve or reject a request, but is there an API that will allow a specific "step" with in the workflow to be approved (without the entire workflow to be approved)?   Allowing the request to move forward to the nex...

Solved License Check Fails When Checking Out

We are experiencing an issue where checking out a Catalog Item and enabling either License Check or Advanced License check causes App Broker to completely freeze and therefore fail the checkout processes. The connection to FNMS appears to be working ...