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Solved Unapproved Software on the Desktop

If we encounter a situation where unapproved software is installed on a desktop, is there an App Broker campaign or process that can be called to inform the User that the software installed in unapproved and needs to be removed? Is that a campaign or...

rabrera1 by Level 2 Flexeran
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Solved Flexible Approval Sub-tab

After upgrading to the 2019 R1 release we're not seeing the Flexible Approval Sub-tab under Site Management > Communication > Notifications view as described in the documentation. Should this sub-tab be available after the upgrade or are you required...

Solved ESDService.exe allows Authenticated Users write permission

Our cyber security department has asked us to remove write permission for Authenticated Users on the esdservice.exe.  Review of the permissions shows there are other accounts that also have write permissions and full control.  Is there any repercussi...

Solved AppPortal 2019 - Icons

Anyone encounter an issue with Icons in Internet Explorer after the 2019 upgrade? We have some .jpg and some .png that will not load and give a black x for the icons. 

Solved Flexible Approval

We are going to be testing the Flexible Approval option here and need some additional information from what i can find to get it in our environment. Normally there is a subset of the application environment that will actually make the outbound call t...

How do you call the App Broker Web Service through PowerShell?

Many common tasks in App Broker can be performed by calling the Web Service API’s which are available. Common tasks include creating/configuring new catalog items, submitting/canceling requests, and approving/rejecting requests which require approval...

CharlesW by Level 12 Flexeran
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Solved Deinstalling software using App Broker

What is our prescribed approach to uninstall software that may not have been installed by App Broker or SCCM? What if a User went to the WWW and downloaded some software, paid with their credit card and installed it on their desktop. When SCCM detect...

rabrera1 by Level 2 Flexeran
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Solved App Portal Roles

When using App Portal/App Broker, I want to include and exclude certain parts of the organization. For example, there might be certain parts of the organization being divested. What is the best way to segregate user access in App Portal by groups of ...