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Can "Add to group on request / approval" process be called from ServiceNow manual workflow?

We have situations where a software request fails ServiceNow workflow validation due to a device not having the deployment client installed.   The request was approved so they want the process for adding the user to the AD group configured for the requested item to still succeed since the user has been approved for use of that software catalog item.  The software request will be fulfilled by manual workflow but, that workflow cannot request the user being added to the AD group.  Is there an API call that can be called by a manual install workflow approval that would add the user of that request to the AD group associated with the manual request?


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Hi @kevin_christens,

We don't have an API that adds user to AD group on placing a "software request" for device where client is not installed. 

This functionality is available for general catalogs (Device is not mandatory), but app portal doesn't sync general catalogs into service now.

To invoke manually - you can create a general catalog in App Portal, add the AD group under Security groups ( and invoke Orders Api ( for a general catalog request. 

To understand this use-case, what deployment technology is being used in the catalog to place a request from ServiceNow? Is it SCCM? 


  We are using SCCM/MECM for our deployment technology.  I am guessing that the manual operation would not succeed since the request never gets created due to the the issues I mentioned.  Without a request, there is no request/order number.