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How to change "is licensable" flag?

After running a bulk import script for 1,000 catalog items in an environment that is utilizing ServiceNow as the front end, it was discovered that around 25% of them are showing the wrong state for whether or not they are licensable in ServiceNow. Looking at the problem catalog items in App Broker, most of them have a Flexera ID and have the license check checkbox checked. Also it looks as thought the values in the import script template were correct so I'm not sure how the problem occurred, but is there a way to change the status of the flag in the database somewhere? That would be the ideal solution to this issue for us because of the amount of time it would take to utilize the import script again, due to many manual changes made since it was originally run. 

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WD_WebPackages has a column 'CheckFNMPLicensePosition' that you should be able to update in SQL where 1 is check and 0 is no check for a license.

I believe that in the ServiceNow scenario, only the 'CheckFNMPLicensePosition' column is used, but I'll point out that there is also a column called 'CheckFNMPAdvancedLicense' that I typically ensure is set the same as the other column.  If the Flexera ID (FUID) column is empty/NULL, you should make sure that both columns are set to 0.  Otherwise, you will see errors.

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