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License Keys in Appbroker workflow with Service Now as front end

Does anyone have experience with License Keys and how it should be placed in Service Now App Broker workflow? 

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Can you be more specific regarding your scenario?  There are many different ways license keys are handled, depending on the specific application and organizational policies.  For example, if the software requires a license key to be entered during installation, then you can't use a fully-automated installation.  In this situation, you would commonly create a catalog task for someone in deskside support to manually install the software and enter the license key.  If they are not able to retrieve a license key on their own, then you might create another "pre-task" for the SAM team to allocate a license key and provide it to deskside support.  In other cases, the software may be installed without a key (e.g. as a "trial") and then require a license key to be entered when running the application to continue use.  In this case, you might create a task after the deployment to either provide the key to the user for them to enter it on their own or for deskside support to enter the key on the user's behalf.  That post-installation task could either be created as part of the ServiceNow workflow itself, or it could be created by App Broker after the installation has finished successfully.  There are numerous other possibilities, so you really need to consider:

  1. the software itself to know if you require "pre-install" or "post-install" tasks
  2. whether you allow users to see/enter the key themselves or if you require someone from IT to enter it for them
  3. who is able to retrieve a key (e.g. can deskside support allocate a key on their own, or is this something the SAM team or procurement team needs to do?)
  4. are there license keys available or do you need a procurement task for every order?
  5. etc.
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