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AppPortal license count does not match Flexera license count

We noticed last week that AppPortal began sending approval emails showing negative license counts, even though Flexera shows available licenses.

We have confirmed the ARL that is linked to the license is also associated with the catalog item.

We ran the API that AppPortal used on the Flexera web server and the correct license count is returned: http://localhost/managesoftservices/complianceapiservice/complianceapiservice.asmx?op=SoftwareLicenseGetAvailableByFlexeraID 

Then we viewed the available license in the Flexnet Database, we also reviewed all of the reservations. We removed all reservations on the Flexera Database.

DECLARE @FlexeraID nvarchar(256)

DECLARE @SoftwareTitleID int


SET @FlexeraID = 'arl://MGS-APP-00000240056'


SELECT @SoftwareTitleID = flexid.SoftwareTitleID FROM

dbo.SoftwareRecognitionFlexeraID() AS flexid WHERE

flexid.FlexeraID = @FlexeraID


SELECT ISNULL(SUM(available.AvailableReservations),0) [Available Licences]

FROM ( SELECT SoftwareLicenseID, AvailableReservations

FROM dbo.SoftwareLicenseGetAvailableGlobalTable(@SoftwareTitleID)

) AS available

Everything we run on the Flexera side is coming back properly, we just don't know where AppPortal is getting negative numbers on the email. 

This is cumbersome, since we bypass approvals if a license is available, and we're being inundated with approval requests on applications that we have plenty of license for. 

Any additional suggestions would very helpful. 

Thanks in advance! 

(2) Replies

You should open a support case for this.  I haven't seen what you're describing.  The only times I've seen a discrepancy between App Portal numbers and FNMS numbers have been associated with the reservations.

Anything expressed here is my own view and not necessarily that of my employer, Flexera. If my reply answers a question you have raised, please click "ACCEPT AS SOLUTION".

If you are seeing a negative license count, then it almost always indicates that the account used to access FNMS does not have the appropriate permissions.. Please try using an account with admin permissions to see if the count looks better. One way or the other this is going to boil down to some type of FNMS issue.. App Broker simply acts on the value returned by the compliance API service in FNMS.