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Setup.exe command line and verbose logging

I have a situation where I have an msi already created but need it to be wrapped up into a setup. So I open up the ism and created a new release, under the setup.exe tab I want to populate the command line with "/qb /l*v c:\windows\system32\Companyn...

Installation monitoring taking a very long time

Hi,I am using Admin Studio 10.0 Repackager and Installation Monitoring to capture a Setup.exe of SAS92 software which was run from a UNC path.This is on VMWare workstation running windows 7 64 bit OS. The software installed and ran OK (takes 30 minut...

scopsm by Level 3
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Application catalog schema compatibility

Is the Application Catalog schema for AdminStudio 9.x the same as AdminStudio 10.x? I can't upgrade all licenses from 9.x to 10 just yet and want to make sure I can have both versions coexist in a client/server configuration.

Change Lockpermissions table with Custom Action

Is it possible to change or add items in the LockPermissions table through a custom action?I've seen a lot of vbs scripts that can change table values of MSI's. But those vbs scripts are not in a Custom Action of the MSI itself.I like to make a custo...

BDE and silent install

Hello,I have a problem installing BDE V5.2 in silent mode.This is what I have done.1. Created a Basic MSI Project in Author and included BDE Enterprise Merge module.2. Build the project.3. Configured a bdemerge.ini file to include Sybase drivers.4. C...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Define Repackaged Directory

Hi Community,I installed Adminstudio 9.5 on a new Server, which is our Adminstudio Server. When i now perform a snapshot on a VMware Machine and copy the packages after the snapshots to the server to "build" the package Program Repackager uses the wr...

schtebo by Level 2
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AdminUIFramework.dll was not found

Hi,i have installed trial version of Adminstudio 10.0 to test the repackager on 64 bit clients. After the start of the Remoterepackager I get the message that the AdminUIFramework.dll can not be found.Does anyone have a solution?Thanks

firejok by Level 2
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How to package Microsoft updates

Hi folks, I tried to package "Windows6.1 -KB958830-x64-RefreshPkg.msu" but no success till now.If any one know to do that please share it, i am using Adminstudio 9.5. Waiting for expert comments urgent.Regards,AJ