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Installation monitoring taking a very long time


I am using Admin Studio 10.0 Repackager and Installation Monitoring to capture a Setup.exe of SAS92 software which was run from a UNC path.
This is on VMWare workstation running windows 7 64 bit OS.

The software installed and ran OK (takes 30 minutes to install the software).

It is now at the stage where it is 'analysing system state changes' and has been stuck at around the 85% point for an hour and half.

Also the package location only has 2 files in it at the moment: Options and SAS Deployment Wizard.irp and nothing else.
See 2 screenshot attachments.

I am wondering is it ever going to complete or has it stalled completely?

(2) Replies
Can't wait for it to finish any longer had to End Task. Will try Snapshotting and see what happens.
Hi There,

That is probably what I would recommend, running Snapshot instead. Potentially, you might also try Installation Monitoring with the package running locally.

If you continue to have problems, I would actually recommend reaching out to our support team to document the issues that you've having. If it hangs indefinitely, we'll definitely want to get this fixed in a subsequent version of Repackager.