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Install AdminStudio Tuner Standalone?

Is there a way to install the tuner as a standalone package?
When I install the Tuner.msi on a computer I'll get the Adminintegration.dll error.
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Unfortunately, Tuner cannot be installed standalone from the full AdminStudio product. I would suggest using it or InstallShield Editor from a machine with the full AdminStudio product to create any transforms that you want.

This frustrates me too.

When I create a response transform, I'd like to do it on a clean machine. Often the transform can be useless because of the software installed on my main machine.

It would be good if tuner worked like repackager.
Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but our company has just purchased AdminStudio Enterprise 9.5 and this is one of the growing list of things that I find frustrating.

Our "full install" AdminStudio machines aren't clean and might have prerequisities or a setup, e.g. 64 bit, that don't apply to ordinary standard clients.

I'd like to be able to run Tuner on a remote machine like you can with Repackager but this still doesn't look like its possible.
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Hi Craig,

You can only Repackager and Quality Monitor remotely.

I will suggest you to install AS client on a clean VM image. Then take a snapshot. So every time you can revert to this snapshot to create response transforms.

I hope this helps.

I know this has been resurrected a couple of times, but this is about the single most frustrating thing in Admin Studio. I package for both 32 and 64 bit machines. If I install Admin Studio on a 32bit machine, I can't create 64bit Response Transforms, and vice versa if I install it on a 64bit machine. If Flexera has no plans to create a stand alone tuner, we should at least get some decent mechanism for creating transforms on either platform. It's just so flipping BASIC, I can't understand why the mechanism isn't there.
As previously stated, this is something I'd like to see and think is needed. We have the full AdminStudio client installed on our 64 bit Workstations and then use VMWare to Repackage applications on standard clients.

The use of the 64 bit workstation ocassionally gives us problems when Tuning Vendor MSI's for a 32 bit environment so we've had to create another VM image with a 32 bit OS and a full AdminStudio install on just to run Tuner.

As our company has the desktop licensing model we can get away with this, but for someone who needs to license each full install that's not very practical or cost effective.
Agreed, Craig. This is the boat we're in. I am the sole repackager for about 250-300 applications enterprise wide, so the desktop licensing model doesn't really fit for us. You would think, as much as Flexera is pushing it's ability to handle 32 and 64 bit, and migration to Windows 7, that the lightbulb would have gone off for someone...
Sorry to resurrect an older thread
kyrefl wrote:
Sorry to resurrect an older thread

Dont be sorry. This is clearly needed
I have the same issue, we pack mostly for XP, but now the need to pack for windows 7 is growing, and i cant install the full suite in my VM windows 7 because i have only one license.

My Workaround was to install the Trial Version (21 days) and get the job done, but as others mentioned, the need is there, we need Tuner Remote , Same as Repackager works now
Again, this is still on my wish list. Don't have the same license constraints as some of the people on here as we are lucky enough to have a desktop licensing model, but on a technical level we need to be able to remotely "tune" MSI's, whether using InstallShield or Tuner.

It's just not practical doing from your main PC when many vendor MSI's use Launch Conditions, have Custom Actions to look for prerequisite software, different OS, etc. It's one of the reasons we haven't totally got rid of Wise 8 in our environment as that (InstallTailor) works remotely.

I have been following this thread from the beginning, and would really love to hear from a Flexera rep why this is not being considered. Having the Repackager, Quality Monitor, and Tuner (for both x86 and x64) to run on a CLEAN remote machine WITHOUT having to map a drive to the packaging machine, is simple common sense.

I find it difficult to understand what possible reasoning there is for NOT including these options, as it goes against the very BEST PRACTICES that the company teaches in its training courses to install this stuff on your packaging VM (thus making it no longer a clean machine). For the price we all pay for this suite of tools, I find the lack of response from a moderator or dev to be insulting.
Here is a workaround for users that have a Microsoft SCCM server running:

If you are using Microsoft SCCM, you can use the free AdminStudio Configuration Manager Edition. Most of the included tools are highly limited, but the InstallShield Tuner is fully functional and can create response transforms.

You can install the SCCM Edition of AdminStudio on as many systems as you want, but you need a separate license key for each installation. Luckily, you can easily register for as many keys as you like 🙂 You need to have a SCCM server running. AdminStudio checks this during installation. I'm not sure if this solution is compliant with Flexeras licensing policy, but at least it works. I also openend an incident with the issue, here's what Flexera support says (among other things):

"We currently have an open enhancement request for future versions of AdminStudio under work Order IOA-000055675 (allow tuner to run remotely) and has been accepted by our engineering team. I have attached your incident to that workorder and will update you if the request gets incorporated in a future version."